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LUAN 27.00R49 HA162 Running on the Copper Mine Site with Perfect Performance

LUAN 27.00R49 pattern HA162 OTR tyres manufactured by Fujian Haian Rubber Co.,Ltd. are running on the copper mine site. They perform perfectly with expected running hours of 12000 hours. Our client is very satisfied with the excellent tyre performance and quality of LUAN tyres. The performance which benefits from the comprehensive service and tyre advice from Haian's professional engineers. The customized compound of cut resistance and right tyre pattern make the tyre performance successful.Haian Rubber focuses on cost-cutting and improving the operation productivity.

Photo 1: Haian’s engineer is detecting the tread pattern depth

Features of 27.00R49 HA162:

1.HA162 is upgraded based on HA166 pattern;
2.The deeper grooves and huger tread blocks help tire owns better braking performance and cut resistance;
3.The design of wide grooves in the shoulder help it owns better heat release;
4.Applicable to all kinds of mining area

Photo 2: LUAN 27.00R49 HA162 is running on the copper mine site

Photo 3: The fleet on the mine site is ready to go
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