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Haian open a staff cinema for its employees as a welfare

In order to enrich the employees' amateur life, activate company atmosphere, promote the harmonious corporate culture, and enhance the communication between employees, Haian Rubber opened the staff cinema as a welfare to provide employees with free movies. Hainan employees can watch the latest movies on the fourth floor of the staff activity center at 6:30 PM every Thursday. In the evening of May 16th, employees of Haian Rubber watched the movie <<big big man>>. After the film finished, the management department arranged a lottery and provided shower gel, toothpaste, tissue paper and other daily necessities as prizes. Every one got a chance to enter a lottery.

Photo 1: In the evening of May 16th, Hainan employees was watching the free film on the fourth floor of the staff activity center at 6:30 PM.

Photo 2: The staff cinema was playing the latest movie <<big big man>>.

There is a kind of employees, called "Haian employees"; There is a kind of welfare, called "Haian welfare"! Haian Rubber has been building and improving the diversified employee welfare system, further promoting the construction of Haian Rubber enterprise culture, and striving to form a good enterprise centripetal force and cohesion.

Photo 3: The management department of Haian Rubber arranged a lottery.

Photo 4: Every Haian's employee got a chance to enter a lottery.
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