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Truck Speed

● Haian recommends that the maximum truck speed is 50km/h.And excessive speed will produce abnormally high temperature in tyres. There’re two speed limitations: the actual maximum speed that the vehicle can attain and the average operating speed that the vehicle can sustain. The average operating speed is limited by the tyres’ton-mile-per-hour(TKPH)rating.

Chart 1: Damage Caused by Excessive Speed

Resulting Damage
Higher heat generation inside tyre
Heat separation
Increased abrupt braking
Chipping,Bead damage,Shortening tyre life
Sharp cornering
Irregular wear,Quick abrasion,Bead damage
Frequent collision with obstacles on the road
Cutting, Cut-impact break,Punctures

● Relation between Speed and Load:

                                                        Ratios of Load change


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