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Export of Giant OTR Radial Tyre Grew Substantially in the First Half Year

    Xinhua08 Net July 8th Fuzhou Information (Reporter HuShan’an) Report learned from Fujian CIQ, in the first half year of 2012, Fujian province have exported 64 patches of giant OTR radial valued 26.92 million dollar, with year on year growth 11.8 times and 22.49 times.

    By reported, Fujian is the only area to continuously export giant all steel OTR radial tyre of size 57 inch and above. With the globally jumping increasing demand of giant OTR tyres, the export of related products shows a sharply increasing situation. Meanwhile, enterprises are encouraged to develop the “four-high” products,say, high-tech products, high value-added products, high market-occupied-rate products and high-commercial-benefit products, to increase the profit rate.


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